I was awarded the J.A. Kong Thesis Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis in Electrical Engineering, which is awarded for the best Ph.D. thesis in EE at MIT in a given academic year!

Here’s Nobel Lauerate Theodor Hänsch discussing my work at his plenary talk at CLEO Europe in 2015 (courtesy of IRsweep, which is now selling a neat dual comb system).


I gave a webinar for the OSA Laser Systems Technical Group that you can watch here:

Our research on compact terahertz spectroscopy was highlighted by several sites, including Laser Focus WorldEngadget, and MIT News.


I made a program called FoBot that calculates how you can hit your nutritional goals using whatever food you happen have on hand. FoBot is ready to serve you!

  • I was quoted about my research in a Nature Photonics News and Views.
  • I signed the MIT Values petition because I think it is important to reject bigotry whenever it rears its head