Recent news

  • June 2019: Our lab’s first paper, on a generalized phase correction algorithm for dual comb signals, has been published in Optics Letters. Read it here. Static demonstration code is provided on OSA’s platform, and we will try to keep an updated version on GitHub as well.
  • May 2019: Dr. Dingding Ren has joined the lab from NTNU. Welcome!
  • May 2019: Notre Dame Zhuoran Han has joined the lab for the summer. Welcome!
  • April 2019: Lab renovations have completed and we are now moved in.
  • December 2018: First-year graduate student Jae Ho Shin has joined the lab. Welcome!
  • August 2018: Dr. Burghoff began as an Assistant Professor at Notre Dame, and our lab is now open.

Older news

  • December 2017: Dr. Burghoff gave a webinar for the OSA Laser Systems Technical Group that you can watch below.
  • December 2016: Dr. Burghoff signed the MIT Values petition because it is important to reject bigotry whenever it rears its head.
  • September 2016: We made a program called FoBot that helps people calculate how they can hit their nutritional goals using whatever food they have on hand. FoBot is ready to serve you!
  • June 2015: Nobel Lauerate Theodor Hänsch discussed our work at his plenary talk at CLEO Europe in 2015 (courtesy of IRsweep, which is now selling a neat dual comb system).
  • October 2014: Dr. Burghoff was quoted about my research in a Nature Photonics News and Views.
  • September 2014: Dr. Burghoff was awarded the J.A. Kong Thesis Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis in Electrical Engineering, which is awarded for the best Ph.D. thesis in EE at MIT in a given academic year.